You will find hereafter some code I wrote and some infos for the DSP I use
Please note that I give this code 'as is' and I don't give any support for it
As I have time, I will put on this page some code for the following chips :


* AC'97 interrupt support example for ADSP2192-12
The talkthru project delivered with the ADSP2192-12 EZKit-Lite is not really interesting, because there is no interrupt support.
This example shows how to handle AC'97 codec interrupts, to permit real-time audio processing

* AC97 registers definition file
An header file with AC'97 registers definition for the ADSP2192-12

* GPIO interrupt support example for ADSP2192-12
ADSP2192-12 supports GPIO interrupts, but the Hardware Reference Guide gives only a few informations about it. On this page, you will find all informations and example that show how to handle GPIO interrupts.
A specific chapter is dedicated to the problem of edge detection.

* Expanding I/O capabilities of ADSP2192-12 (In preparation)
ADSP2192-12 supports only 8 General Purpose I/O. This page explains how to expand the number of GPIO using only a few external components.

* ADSP2192-12 memory debugger (In preparation)
With Analog's Loader Utility, it's possible to transform a .DXE file into a Windows executable file which loads the program into the ADSP2192 memory, without using VisualDSP++.
This free utility allows you to access DM, PM and IO segments of a DSP running a standalone program, without needing VisualDSP++.


* ADSP-21065L EZKit Lite audio effects demo programs
Analog Devices offers a complete collection of demo programs, showing various audio effects (chorus, reverb, etc...)
Just click on the link to go to Analog's website and find these demos

* Corrected LDF files for EZKit-Lite audio processing demos (In preparation)
Analog Devices offers on its website a complete collection of demo programs, showing a lot of audio effects. These programs have been written normally for the ADSP-21065 EZKit Lite, but it seems that the author of these programs used a FULL version of Visual DSP++. Linker Definition Files have been written without taking into consideration the limitations of the DEMO version of Visual DSP++ delivered with the kit, leading to a linker error if you try to compile the audio effects projects.
I've corrected the LDF files to make them compliant with the restrictions of the demo version of Visual DSP++. Have fun with these effects !